Color Stain

April 12-16, 2021

The Conference

The University of Chicago

April 12-16 in Virtual Format

Break the Silence is an Asian and Asian American mental health conference co-hosted by UChicago Taiwanese American Student Association, UChicago South Asian Students Association, Active Minds: University of Chicago Chapter, and PanAsia Solidarity Coalition.

Despite having a reported 17.3% overall lifetime rate of any psychiatric disorder, Asians and Asian Americans are about three times less likely to seek mental health services than Caucasians. Whether it be pressure to adhere to the “model minority” stereotype, family cultural values that stigmatize mental health, or even simply a lack of awareness of the resources and services available, the intersections between culture/identity and mental health remains an increasingly prevalent and pressing topic to discuss.

And now, we take action. Break the Silence 2021 will be a week-long mental health conference in virtual format, free to all UChicago students and community members who want to learn more about how aspects of Asian culture, identity, and social forces and expectations affect the way we perceive our own mental health, and that of our peers. This conference seeks to share the work of academic and community members, facilitate important conversations and discussions, and promote ways to leverage the resources available to us for our mental and emotional well-beings.

2021 Conference Details


The Organizers

Break the Silence is presented in collaboration by five different student organizations: UChicago Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA), UChicago South Asian Students Association (SASA), Active Minds: University of Chicago Chapter, and PanAsia Solidarity Coalition at the University of Chicago. To learn more about each partnering organization and about our organizing team, please click the button below!