The Team


Vicky Xie

Vicky is a third-year in the College majoring in Economics and is the current president of the Taiwanese American Student Association. She grew up in a predominantly Asian neighborhood in NJ, during which many of her peers were struggling with some sort of mental illness and often lacked support from their families. This sparked her interest in mental health-related issues. Vicky is also part of the school’s business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, and enjoys cooking and gymming!

Danielle Lee

Danielle Lee is a third-year studying Comparative Human Development and Neuroscience, and is currently the vice president of the Taiwanese American Student Association. She is passionate about investigating how cultural and societal forces can shape people’s experience of illness, and in particular mental illness, through both a narrative medicine and sociological framework. Danielle also coordinates the South Side Free Music Programs, which addresses inequalities in access to music education by pairing volunteer music teachers with interested students. She loves knitting and hiking in her spare time.

Estefhani Chang

Estefhani is a third year majoring in Psychology. She is a board member of the Taiwanese American Students’ Association (TASA). She grew up in New York City, where she spent most of her life amongst a diverse Asian American community. Through Break the Silence, Estefhani hopes to raise awareness on mental health issues within the community and encourage others to be more open in embracing and addressing these topics.

Laura Sieh

Laura is a third-year student majoring in Chemistry and Music. She hopes to elevate Asian-American issues to the broader community and empower Asian communities through improved dialogue regarding mental health. Laura is currently serving as Marketing Director and as a family head at TASA. Outside of class, Laura enjoys playing the piano and volunteering, and conducting basic science research.


Alexander Joh-Jung

Alex is a third-year student double majoring in Anthropology and Economics. He is a board member for PanAsia Solidarity Coalition. Born in Middletown, New York and raised in Evanston, Illinois, Alex is an aspiring Korean American writer and hopes Break the Silence will continue to raise visibility and create positive change in the Asian and Asian-American community.

Jonathan WuWong

Jonathan is a second-year student double majoring in Linguistics and Visual Arts. He is a board member for PanAsia, Solidarity Coalition, the only political Asian group on campus. Coming from the Boston area, he was active in his high schools art department as well as both the Asian culture club and magazine. He hopes that with this event, the wider UChicago community will be more cognisant and accepting of the mental health issues that affect Asians and Asian-Americans.

Mary Wu

Mary is a third-year student in the College who is interested in studying Anthropology and East Asian Languages and Civilizations. She is also a board member of PanAsia Solidarity Coalition and tutors North Korean refugees with ENoK. She is interested in exploring mental health as it intersects with issues relating to the family and the LGBT community. In her free time, she enjoys exploring local Chicago neighbourhoods and filmmaking.

Fion Tse

Fion is a first-year undecided major in the humanities. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she is a board member for PanAsia Solidarity Coalition. She is also active in Friends of Washington Park on campus. Through Break the Silence, Fion hopes to amplify the discussion around Asian-American mental health and encourage communities to take steps towards recognising and addressing these issues.

Active Minds

Daisy Zhang

Daisy is a third-year student double majoring in Economics and Psychology. She is currently the treasurer for Active Minds and a general member of WiB. She is interested in mental health-related issues, feminist studies and consulting for nonprofits. She grew up in Zhongshan and went to high school in Guangzhou, China, spending her free time reading classic literature, watching movies, going shopping, and hunting for good food with friends.

Fanheng Ye

Fan is a second-year student double-majoring in Economics and Psychology, and an active member of Active Minds. She advocates for anything related to mental health, be it de-stigmatization, self-care, or healthcare resources in general. She hails from the diverse Bay Area of California as a lover of art, music, writing, and most of all: food. Fan currently works at the Human Behavior and Pharmacology Lab as a research assistant, and tutors locally during her free time.


Jui Malwankar

Jui Malwankar is a fourth-year student in the College majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Human Rights. She is the Community Outreach Director for the South Asian Students Association. Jui is from the Bay Area in California and is interested in how social inequalities affect access to healthcare and patient outcomes. Apart from SASA, Jui is a part of the Maria Shelter RSO and works as a research assistant at UCMC’s Comprehensive Care Program, and loves to bake desserts and play badminton in her spare time!

Jasmine Chahal

Jasmine is a second-year student double majoring in Philosophy and Spanish. Born in Punjab, India but raised in central Illinois, she is a member of the South Asian Student Association’s community engagement committee. By helping put on Break the Silence, Jasmine hopes to make a lasting impact on destigmatizing mental health within diverse Asian-American communities.

Preeya Patel

Preeya is a second-year student majoring in Public Policy. Born in New Jersey and raised in Massachusetts, she is currently part of the South Asian Student Association’s community engagement committee. She joined Break the Silence because she is passionate about destigmatizing mental health in Asian-American communities and understanding the ways that cultural factors influence the various Asian-American perceptions of this issue.

Tanvi Lakthakia


Ashhad Ahmed Qureshi

Ashhad is a fourth-year student majoring in South Asian Languages and Civilizations. Born in Colorado, yet raised in Pakistan, Ashhad has had the opportunity to witness the intersectionality of identity and mental health as it exists in the South Asian community. He has worked in the mental health departments of multiple public health organizations over the course of several years, which has informed his attitude and approach to addressing mental health issues within his community. Currently, he works as a volunteer staffer on the national sexual assault hotline and is the founder and president of UChicago MannMukti, a student organization with the goal to destigmatize mental health-related issues in the South Asian community. With Break the Silence, Ashhad hopes to team up with other student organizations to continue his efforts in service of the larger Asian and Asian American community.